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7winds is a community learning initiative.  We welcome all users to share their experience and knowledge with us.  Once your post is approved, it will be added to our library of free resources, complete with any links and promotional details you included, so long as they link directly to you or your business.  We are here to enrich the lives of nature lovers, and not compete with other learning streams, so your content remains your own, and under your own name.

Some tips to get your content seen by more people (and search engines):

Don’t forget to link to your own site, youtube channel, or facebook group.  “Backlinking” improves your contents ranking on search engines so it gets into the hands of more readers.   By the same token, we always suggest linking to 7winds from your own sites when logical (even if you’re just linking to your own article), which helps us both out.

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Even if you’re posting a youtube video, or hyperlink off site, try to add a brief summary of what this content is about.  300 words is recommended, but even 50 will convey your message.  Pay close attention to your first paragraph, as that is what will be displayed on search engines.

Be engaging, create content that people will want to read, and your fan base will grow exponentially.

If you have a lot of content, or are able to write about of lot of subjects, give us a shout and we’ll let you know what topics are a little lean at the moment.  Remember we are a brand new community, and there are so many subjects to talk about.  We’re growing faster than we can keep up!

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