7winds main focus is on community Education, with that in mind we’re pleased to present our 

Premium Online Nature Education System (PONES)

Program:  Bushcraft 100

Our main educational series, named Bushcraft it an in depth and intricate examination of the academics of wilderness living.  We understand that actually working the skills with your own hands is crucial in the learning process, but before we have experiential learning, we need to understand the safety, science, and significance of the skill.  We hope our 100 level introduction can get all of the “book smarts” out of the way for basic wilderness survival, so that our students can learn at their own pace, and be ready for our experiential course – Bushcraft 200, where we meet in person to work the skills together while out in nature!

Each course comes packed with quizzes, activity sheets (with optional solo and group tasks to further enhance the skills taught), an online text, and hours of video instruction.  Interactive discussion forums are provided for each course, allowing students and alumni to pose skill specific questions to both their peers, and the expert instructors, and share their progress with each other as a community.

Perfect for group learning (Youth Groups, meetups, tracking clubs, employee training, you name it!), because the lectures can be covered in the comfort of the learner’s home, and the skills can be discussed and practiced by the group.   Some even make the lectures a social evening, where the students watch the lectures together, and bring snacks.  An educational movie night!

Bushcraft 100 contains 7 courses in the program.

  1. Fire 101

  2. Water 101

  3. Bush Sense 101

  4. Shelter 101

  5. Spirit 101

  6. Food 101

  7. Healing 101  

Each Course builds upon the skills learned in the previous course so it is a progressive learning program (All students start with Fire 101, and work through all the modules in the same order) to avoid any repetition in content.

Each course in the Bushcraft program comes with it’s own digital badge that is attached to your profile, and graduates of the program are invited to participate in our 200 level, experiential training, where we apply the knowledge taught into physical skills and techniques, while spending time in nature together.

Bushcraft 200

Graduates of all 7 courses in the Bushcraft 100 series are invited to advance their learning by joining 7winds, along with their partner network of in person wilderness schools to practice and enhance the skills they’ve already learned.  This 3 day trek into nature will demonstrate the applied skills with the academic knowledge already delivered.   Want to get the perfect form for easilly getting a coal with a bow drill?  Want to increase your proficiency with tracking animals in challenging conditions?  Maybe you aren’t sure your shelter will keep the rain off your face.  This course brings together all of the experiential skills in one place, without needing to sit through lectures while being eaten by bugs!


Upcoming Programs to the 7winds Library:

We have been focussing heavilly on producing our Bushcraft Program as we believe it provides the strongest value to our community.   But we have also been recording several other programs that we will be launching soon.   Please subscribe to our social media channels to keep informed on launch dates and pre-enrollment discounts!

  1. Mead Making (Mazing)
  2. Tracking
  3. Bee Keeping
  4. Leatherwork
  5. Blacksmithing
  6. Mycology (Mushroom Education Series)
  7. Birding
  8. Emergency Communications
  9. Stone masonry and flint knapping
  10. Archery
  11. Weaving of fibers
  12. Ceramics and Pottery