This course is to be phased in during 2018

We’re launching this community in February, 2018.  All our attention has been on our Bushcraft program, which in itself has 7 courses.  For now, we suggest starting there… or rather… here

We have been focussing heavilly on producing our Bushcraft Program as we believe it provides the strongest value to our community.   But we have also been recording several other programs that we will be launching soon.   Please subscribe to our social media channels to keep informed on launch dates and pre-enrollment discounts!

  1. Mead Making (Mazing)
  2. Tracking
  3. Bee Keeping
  4. Leatherwork
  5. Blacksmithing
  6. Mycology (Mushroom Education Series)
  7. Birding
  8. Emergency Communications
  9. Stone masonry and flint knapping
  10. Archery
  11. Weaving of fibers
  12. Ceramics and Pottery

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