7winds was initially launched as an education system.  So many people are interested in the outdoors, and those of us who get to experience wilderness adventures should be properly trained in how to be safe, informed, and happy when things do not go as planned.

Our Courses:

We are not a replacement for hands on experience.  Rather we work WITH other educators to provide the academics which need to be learned before the hands on aspects are taught.   Let’s take a weekend survival class as an example.  A good portion of that weekend will be spent learning knowledge, and another portion on applying it in useful and fun ways.  Wouldn’t it be better for the students if they learned what they could in the comfort of their own home.  Away from bugs, and rain, and the hard ground of a tent?  Then they can spend more time applying these skills with their instructors guidance, which means more time learning through play and experience in the wilderness.   Wouldn’t it be better for the instructors to spend more time working the skills, than just talking about them?  To be able to focus on technique and form, rather than repeat the same lectures over and over again?

At 7winds, we believe this is the key to having a great wilderness learning experience.  It gives both the students and the instructors more time, with more personalized training, without any worries on leaving key details out, or having them forgotten.

We are currently rolling out our Bushcraft set of courses:  Fire, Water, Shelter, Food, Healing and Spirit.   More courses will be coming in 2018.  Sign up to our mailing list if you’d like to be notified when new courses are available.

Free Learning:

We also have a growing database of free articles for your enjoyment, which you can browse by subject, or view what’s new.

And finally, we have our boards on Pinterest, which can keep any nature lover entertained for hours.  We don’t take credit for most of the content here, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been fact checked, and loved by us!