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Nature by Knowledge!

7winds is committed to providing its community with both free, and premium knowledge of Nature and the outdoors to enrich not just the users, but the community as a whole.  There’s so much that the wilderness can teach us, but when we’re surrounded by it; absorbing its wonders…  it can become overwhelming to try learning new skills at the same time.  That’s why we created 7winds.  To get the acedemic teachings taken care of in the comfort of your own home, so when you DO get that precious nature connection time… you’re already ahead of the game and can trule “tune in”.   There are SO many skills that are important to naturalists, there’s no way we can be an expert at each and every one.

We encourage everyone to find a subject or two they are MOST passionate about, and dig deep into it!

We’re just starting out, so our database is a bit lean, but we welcome everyone to submit their articles for inclusion in our database.  We promise to give you full credit, and link to your business or site.  If we really like it, we might even throw in a few freebies!  We will take written articles, YouTube videos, and info-graphics.  To submit your content, click here!

Already a seasoned pro at one of these subjects?  Interested in joining our team and being paid to teach it to the community?  FANTASTIC!   Shoot us a line!