Our mission

… is to provide you, the outdoor enthusiast, with the knowledge, inspiration, and equipment necessary for you to get the most from your nature experiences – whether you’re an avid backpacker or simply a gardener. We have tailor-made courses FOR nature lovers, BY nature lovers (who also happen to be professionals in adult education and instructional design). We also regularly review the best gear available online and provide direct access to those items and other discounted gear.  Then there’s our nature community where business’, events, and adventures await those who browse our pages.  Reviewed by the community, FOR the community.
Not everyone has direct access to a nature connection. Sometimes we need to make precious use of the time we do get outdoors. This is what makes 7winds so amazing! You learn the academics behind the skills in the comfort of your own home so that when you DO get to play outside, you’ve already got the knowledge needed to absorb the actual experience!

About our Courses

Each course is fully packed with 2-4 hours of high-quality video filmed in the wilderness by survival experts, adult education professionals and instructional designers.

Students also get access to customized workbooks, knowledge assessments, and lesson quizzes on a 24/7 basis.  There are support forums for each particular skill, so your questions are directed right to the people with the answers.

Have a few local friends interested in the same thing? Why not form a study group!

Each course breaks down into 7 lessons, complete with Group Activity suggestions. Watch and learn at home throughout the week, then meet up as a team to work co-cooperatively with the hands on skills in a supportive and friendly environment.  Instant nature connection!

Earn badges for your progress to display on your profile, or your jacket

Receive badges for courses completed and skills obtained! Starting in 2018 we hope to offer all alumni the option to purchase their badges to sew onto your pack or jacket!

A one stop destination for planning your next adventure!

We support our friends and colleagues in the nature community with our online Adventure Directory providing you free access to itinerary’s, routes, parks, adventures, and even spots to eat along the way.

Whether you’re looking to find a skills gathering nearby, or a wilderness park in the middle of nowhere, 7winds has you covered.  A single visual interface to guide your trip planning wherever your heart may take you.   Reviews, pictures, hours of operation, website links, even menus can be found here.  Not seeing your favourite escape?  We’d love it if you added to our existing content with your own adventures!

If you know of, or are hosting an event that may interest others in our community, we invite you to post about it on our events calendar so that everyone can find out the details!

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Some of our favourites:

We are also a full equipment outfitter!

We know just how hard it is to find good gear these days, ESPECIALLY online.

That’s why we’ve sent our equipment experts into the depths of Amazon to research the most recommended and best quality products for you.  They even keep track of any deals they find (minimum savings of 70%!!!) and list those in their own separate area.  So whether you want quality, or a low price point (and reasonable quality), we have you covered!

All categories in our store also come with a “7winds Top Picks” section which shows you the gear WE use, WE love, and WE think you’ll love too!

By teaming up with Amazon, we’ve not only ensured you get the best prices from the biggest online retailer in the world… but we’ve also guaranteed that you won’t have to wait if our staff is out canoeing for a couple of weeks (which we call a win/win).

Not finding a product to suit your needs? Let us know and we’ll see if we can find one that will suit them!

Have a product to sell?  We’ve set up a trading post just for you!