When 7winds creator Darian Bacon got engaged to Karen, they both decided they should find a wilderness skill that was new to BOTH of them.  After much discussion they decided on Bee Keeping, and ever since have absolutely loved the journey its taken them on… except for the stings!

We sell a variety of bee products from our home, and can schedule pickups, deliveries, or shipping using the above form.

Our honey is 100% wildflower honey taken from all over the Kawartha region of Ontario, Canada.  Our bees are never medicated or fed artificially during the honey season (we wait until we have finished our harvesting for the year, or catch them early in the spring before we start collecting).  To keep our honey tasting it’s very vest, it is raw (unpasteurized), and minimally filtered (so there will always be a few flakes of wax on the top).  We are told our product rivals the very best honey manufacturer’s and we tend to agree!  Our bee yards are always a teaching space for anyone interested in getting into this wonderful hobby, as the more people passionate about protecting our pollinators, the better we all are!  We’d love it if you supported us by purchasing your honey through our site.  We’re sure you will not be disappointed.


We have successfully sold out of our 2016 harvest, and will begin taking orders for our July harvest in August, 2017.

To be notified when we are back in stock, please fill out the form, and your order will be fulfilled in sequence.  We promise to keep you in the loop.